Beautiful decor

We did the most beautiful wedding this past weekend in a perfect setting.

WELCOME to these gorgeous clear glass underplates! 😀


Caravan bar FINAL STAGES

So the exciting news is that the caravan bar is almost ready for its first wedding! 🙂

A few final last touches such as the wooden latch and the alcohol to come in and then we are ready to roll! 😀


Start ordering yours from us today! This will add such a nice extra to your special day! 🙂

Step 2 of the Caravan Bar

Take a look at step two of the caravan bar……… we have just finished doing the spray paining of the caravan bar, this means that we are almost A for away! Yay!!

We only have a few couple of final touches left to do and then we done! So contact us today to starting booking!   


Country Co is so excited to announce…. that we are launching this new and exciting project which should be ready in about 1 months time… THE CARAVAN BAR! I know how exciting is that? 😀

This is the PERFECT addition to your country wedding, this caravan bar can either be used as a “gin bar” or a “cocktail bar” on the lawn for when the bride and groom are doing their photos or it could simple be your second bar or your only bar.

This is the first step to what we have done, the second picture shows you what we want the end picture to look like.

We hope you are as excited as us! Keep your eyes open for the next step to our new project!

Order yours today from us!! 

Beautiful Wedding Venue

This past weekend, we had the privilege to go and visit the most beautiful little chapel in the Berg called” Champagne castle hotel and resort”. Have a look at these pics and tell us if you can imagine a better view than this when you walk down the isle? We were so inlove!! <3