Hangover Kit

“In sickness and in health”

This is specially for the morning after, these can be placed in all the rooms or only certain rooms.

It consists of:

  • X4 essential
  • X2 rehydrate
  • X4 mypaid

With a nice glass bottle of fresh water.


This adds a really nice little “extra touch” in all the guests rooms.

Get hold of us to place orders!

S.O.S Boxes

We all know that during a stressful time there is always something that gets left out or something that happens during your special day that you don’t expect.

So that is why we bring you these S.O.S boxes which can either be kept in all the rooms of the guests/wedding party or simply in the bathroom of the wedding reception.

There are two options, one being the small and the other being the large. They both have the same thing inside just different quantities.

The S.O.S box consists of:

  • clips
  • safety pins
  • needle and thread
  • mints
  • plasters
  • wet wipes/ stain remover wipes
  • panado
  • eye drops (optional)

Small: R50.00
Large: R80.00